Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Summer Pictures 2014

Here are some pictures from our SUMMER! :)

My joyful baby - 7 months

Adults only - St. Arnold's brewery

First pony!

Pool time with Pops

Playing - 7 months

Loving on my big girl 

This is how taking pictures of 2 kids turns out - 1 looking, the other looking away

They sure do love each other (despite the face that Harlow is making)

Enjoying some pomegranates and beets 

A cookie after a visit with Dr. Kavin

My girls LOVES to dress up and be silly

Our 4th of July trip to Austin!

Lunch with Gammy and Da


Family picture!

Celebrating the 4th at the Austin Country Club

Blair was in heaven getting to run around the green

See what I mean about taking pictures now?

Love the Harlow is making here. SO happy.

Me and my Loey waiting for the fireworks... almost time!

Taking it all in with Gammy

Pool time with Da

Splashing with Mommy

Hanging out at the splash pad

Sweet girl

Tea parties are pretty frequent occurrences in the Wright household. This was took place in our bed.


Happy Bug

Sweet cousins - Kaitlyn and Harlow

Love her... and her silliness

Just a baby playing with a spoon

T and his girlies ♥

Love those legs. So much.

Everyone was up super early (on a Wednesday)

Our trip to New Orleans...

Because you have to stop in Baton Rouge first.

Brunch done the proper way... at the Court of Two Sisters!

No caption needed.

Amazing food... will definitely come back here next time!

Of course a stop at Cafe du Monde

Headed out to a show

Blair loved her LSU gear. Pure awesomeness.

So maternal and caring.

Eating toast and so proud of herself

My naked Picasso 

(side note: Trav says that if Blair was a rapper, her name would be "lil' Naked")

Splash pad fun for a birthday party

Harlow hung out with Mommy

Sister love - in full force. All of the time.

My lovie baby. I love how she always likes to hold something soft. And the fact that she loves pacis. I don't know why I find it so cute.

Adores her baby sister

Headed to school!

The curls... oh the curls. They are too precious.

Tree frogs on the back door

8 month baby 

My little shadow ♥

Waiting to see Dr. Kavin. Couldn't love these girls more. 

A trip to the downtown aquarium!

Breakfast at District 7 (amazing)

Carousel ride

Lovin' it

Family shot! On the shark train

Feeding stingrays

Feeding herself grilled cheese. Still no teeth, but can eat the majority of a sandwich half.


Getting ready to go and get signed up for ballet and tap.

(time, slow down please)

Bouncing away

Another dress-up outfit

We have had such a fun summer and can't wait for the cooler weather in the fall!